Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Children update

Sean absolutely loves pre-school. I can tell already how many things he's learning and picking up from new teachers and friends. For the most part, they have been good. I think my little boy may even have his first crush. Her name is Naomi and she is adorable.

Keira is having those true mini-language explosions that Sean never really had. In what feels like just two weeks she tripled her words. She's even putting multiple words together such as feet shoes, when she wants me to put her shoes on.

I think the part that still gets me the most even 19 months later...how different and how similiar they are. I almost dread figuring each milestone out as one or the other because it's just this big sign that reminds me that I don't know what Connor would have done. Would he have been a shy little guy like Sean or a pistol like Keira? Would he have been an observer like Sean or a talker like Keira?

I know most people say that the first smile is one of their favorite firsts. Mine is really much later. My favorite moments from Sean was the first time he gave me a kiss (18 months in St. Louis vacation) and the first time he said I love you (2.5 years old in NY vacation). Keira also gave me her first kiss at 18 months in NY vacation)...I'm anxiously waiting to see when the I love you moment happens in the next year. I think these two moments are so important to me because it's what I long most from Connor...to hear/know/feel that he loved me as much as I love him.

Anyway...can't change it and don't want to think anymore about it today!

Here's new pics...