Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The first question

So it happened...last night during our bedtime routine I received the first follow-up question...

Me: What was the best part of your day?
Sean: Playing with Naomi (friend at pre-school)
Me: Really, what did you play?
Sean: In the sand
Me: Cool. Ok, let's read our last book for the night
Sean: Where is Connor?
Me: Well honey, he passed away. He's in heaven with grandpa.
Sean: Ok. (lays down for the last book)

Now the emotions that immediately overwhelmed were insane. The question was out of the blue. The one line response prompted no additional questions. The simple acceptance that it was a normal response. No need to discuss the thousand other things I've prepared in my head for this question.

The aftermath has left me wondering. When will he ask again? What will he want to know more about? Will I scare him? Will he not care? Will he understand?

And for the deep secret that I'm ashamed that I found myself hoping for...they he may say something that would make me feel like he had some special connection/understanding that I long for. Instead it was a simple "Ok".

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