Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bye-Bye Tooth

That's what Sean looked at me and said after we left the dentist...Bye Bye Tooth. There are definitely moments when I disliked that he has started talking. When he first told me something hurts (yes, I knew something hurt before but now he tells me he is in pain). When he shouted for his daddy instead of wanting me (yes, I know he's a daddy's boy but I don't want to hear it). But this is by far the worst, when he can remind me that something bad is happening because I didn't prevent it.

The dentist started asking a series of questions...Pacifier use, no...Thumb, Bottles in, Continuous, Bottles beyond a,, cake/ What she didn't ask me...did I question the ped when he told me not to worry, so I brought that up myself. I know it was stupid but I had this intense need to further explain how it got to this point...that I wasn't a bad mother.

Many people (friends, coworkers, dentists) have shared stories about lost teeth at an early age. They are doing this to help ease my fears of speech issues, behavior issues (sticking tongue through the gap, etc), and perm teeth alignment issues. The problem...even if it works out for the majority of people, that gives me no comfort. I just now am expecting to get those bad small chances to occur.

At this point, there is no other course of action. His tooth will be gone and we'll just have to deal if any of the issues arise over the next 4+ years as we wait for his perm tooth to come in.